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Working at Babylon Health often means working under tight deadlines with small teams, leading to a lot of pressure. This is often a very good test of a team’s agile skills to be reactive to change but still deliver a high quality product. During my first projects with tight deadlines, I narrowed in on focussing on the delivery — what needs to get done, and how do we get it done fastest — at the expense of Scrum. But the confusion this caused has meant I have returned to ensuring the key principles of Scrum — transparency, inspection and adaptation…

Team writing tasks on post-it notes.
Team writing tasks on post-it notes.
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The Product Goal received renewed focus in the 2020 Scrum Guide as the commitment of the Product Backlog. It states: “The Product Goal describes a future state of the product which can serve as a target for the Scrum Team to plan against… The Product Goal is the long-term objective for the Scrum Team. They must fulfill (or abandon) one objective before taking on the next.”

There is no further guidance as to how to define this Product Goal. In the absence of an event, I would like to suggest Quarterly Planning as the perfect event to create a goal…

Erin Meyer and Reed Hastings, both in portrait, smiling to camera.
Erin Meyer and Reed Hastings, both in portrait, smiling to camera.
Erin Meyer and Reed Hastings, the co-authors of ‘No Rules Rules’

After watching this interview with Erin Meyer, I decided to read her new book, ‘No Rules Rules’ — written with Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO. The book examines the culture at Netflix, and how it could be achieved from scratch. Whilst the book was not about Scrum directly, it was striking how closely Netflix had the same culture that Scrum seeks to develop.

In Scrum, the core of the framework is the principles of transparency, inspection and adaptation. This book provided an insight into the practical ways these principles are enacted within a high performing company like Netflix. The entertainment giant…

Tower Bridge in London
Tower Bridge in London

Whilst lots has been written about setting up Scrum teams, little has been written about converting teams. In most of my experiences, the team is already in place in some form, and the challenge is to bring new ways of working to help the team become more effective. Here, I take a look at how to do this effectively.

There are many things to think about when setting up a Scrum team. The Scrum Guide is not a long document, but it still has 21 sections. …

The key to good sprints — both in terms of running and software development — is good goals!

The importance of setting a sprint goal is emphasized heavily in the Scrum Guide. It is the commitment that the development team makes when completing the sprint backlog. Whilst I theoretically understood the importance of the sprint goal, my work with a scrum team at Babylon Health gave me experience of the impact of good sprint goals.

Back in 2020, I began working at Babylon Health and inherited one scrum team working on improving the technology for communicating to members. Happily, one of the rituals the team already had was setting sprint goals. …

Student studying on paper.
Student studying on paper.

In preparing for the PSM III certification, I went through the entire Scrum Master Learning Path — every article, video and white paper. I highly recommend any professional Scrum Master or Delivery Manager to do the same, regardless of whether they are taking the exam or not. It brings together many of the best articles on the practicalities of delivering Scrum. It is great specifically for professionals looking for deeper insight beyond PSM I and the Scrum Guide.

I wanted to share with you my 5 favourite articles and videos from this learning path. In all of these cases, these…

“I think that’s the single largest source of optimization for a company: the makeup of their meetings.” — Daniel Ek, Co-Founder of Spotify

Have you ever had a meeting where you had a great contribution to the discussion, but couldn’t speak up?

Have you ever wanted to generate innovative ideas in your team but not know how to do it?

Have you ever had a meeting where it feels like you are stuck talking about the same failed solutions to problems?

I’m sure all of the above situations have happened to those working in software delivery. Teams are often faced…

In April 2020, just a month into the pandemic, I moved from Accenture to Babylon Health as an Agile Delivery Manager. The change from consulting to healthcare startup was substantial, and brought many new challenges — not least an entirely remote delivery role. I still haven’t met in person many of my teammates!

Reflecting back on this year, there are some key lessons I have learned running my three teams (or squads as they are known at Babylon). …

After a busy year working with my teams at Babylon Health, I took the opportunity to take the Professional Scrum Master Level II course from just before the Christmas break. PSM II badge PSM II badge

Back in 2016, I took the PSM Scrum Master Level I course, just weeks into joining Accenture as a new graduate. It changed the direction of my whole career. My experience of the course led me to pursue my current career path of agile delivery. I saw the opportunity to be involved in building great products as a member of a scrum team.

After four years of Scrum master…

I am sitting in The Orange Room, a Lebanese Restaurant in East London on a Saturday night. The place has been recommended by many locals, and is a popular spot, particularly at the weekend. But we are the only people in there. Undeterred by this fact, we order food. Although delicious, it takes a bizarrely long term to arrive as a flurry of motorcyclists and cyclists rush in decked out in Deliveroo uniform, taking take-away packages away at a rate of knots. …

Edward Lowe

Agile Delivery Manager at Babylon Health, interested in how to organise software teams to build great products.

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